A lesson in the importance of good genetics:

Chara and Tadanobu Asano
Chara (mama) and 浅野忠信/Tadanobu Asano (papa)



Their daughter, スミレ/Sumire, on the cover of Charo's album, Honey

I'm a huge fan of the Japanese actor, Tadanobu Asano. Did you know that he's half Japanese and half Native American? Did you also know that he's married to singer Chara (not to be confused with Charo), and have two kids? One of their children, Sumire, is on the cover of Honey.

Chara's side-project band Mean Machine is really good. Their album, Cream, has an awesome lo-fi sound. Think Breeders meets Asobi Seksu. I am listening to it while bopping my head, kinda like a muppet.

Mean Machine - Amai Candy


Kiana said...

i lovelovelove Chara's voice. I only recently found out about her(which makes me really sad). Right now I'm in the middle of watching her on cartoon kat-tun and she's so down to earth!