Wednesday, December 2 2009

Sam Haskins passed away today. Why why why why why are all my favorite people dying this year ...

Source: Sam Haskins' blog

He was one of the few original artists who were able to photograph women the way they always should. I hope that his blog wont be taken down, because I'd be devastated. When you become aware of someone over the years, especially through their online presence, it hurts when that figment of connection that'd made it seem so personal goes away. If you'd felt slightly bizarre and disconcerted before because you felt a sense of closeness with someone who lived unaware of you, you'll feel even more so. RIP.


Ludwig Haskins said...

Don't worry. Sam's blog is not coming down. It will grow and continue under my care.

Ludwig [Sam's son]

-c. said...

Oh dear, I didn't realize I'd received a comment on this entry until now!

I am truly sorry for your loss, he was a great man of exceptional talent and dedication. And thank you so much for your kind comment, I'm very honored to have received any kind of a response from you, as it was least expected (a most pleasant surprise). I noticed that you've posted a new entry in Sam's blog and it warmed my heart.