Thursday, November 26 2009

The Knife - Silent Shout (Lulu Rouge Instrumental Re-Edit)

What's Thanksgiving to Koreans, anyway? My mom and dad are out playing golf (we'll be back before dinner, today's the golden day for golf; the courses are empty! well, mom and dad, why do you think that is?), while my brother is still not home after partying too much to drive himself home last night. Yes, I'm home alone, boiling potatoes and chopping onions, preparing for my family Thanksgiving dinner.

I love being at home by myself. We have a pretty big house and it's awesome when it's just me around. I just plug in my laptop to our home theater sound system and blast music and dance around in my jammies, unbathed and looking ... sort of like a mad woman. Right now I'm listening to the song up there. I'm on my 5th consecutive repeat.

Living with people is nice since you never feel alone, especially when you like your cohabitant(s); but I really want to live in my own apartment by myself and be independent. It'll be only my own mess I clean and even if I got lazy and messy I wouldn't feel as guilty.