Sunday, September 6 2009

The Pearl Sisters, music from Korea in the 70s

Hooray for hot summers! Hot summertime means time for vintage garage music from the 60s and 70s. My mom used to love the Pearl Sisters. For once I agree with her choosing. I wish my parents kept their old Korean records.

Yesterday I went to China Town in Los Angeles for the Fuck Yeah! Fest. It was kind of a mess! The queue to pick up/purchase tickets were long, the lineup was, though great at times, kind of painful to bear in blocks of hours, and I got cold when the sun went down. So my friends and I left before we got to see any of the headliners we'd paid to see. Whatever, I'm so over festivals. We went and got some Pinkberry froyo instead. That stuff is so good. Yumyum in my tumz.