Winter Fury

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Our intern at Wilhelmina Models, Valente, snapped this photo of what I'm wearing today. 

When it's cold out, nothing warms you up as a nice fur coat.
That or a big bowl of noodles.
Growing up in Southern California, I had a real climate shock upon my first visit to the New York winter few years back; foolishly, all I'd packed were a lot of cute sweaters, one each of denim and leather jacket. The entire trip I practically wore everything I'd brought all together at once. This experience triggered my hyper-determination in stocking up on warm winter coats, the kind that leave a sort of triumphant smirk on your face whenever stepping out into the frigid air (screw you, mother nature, I got this!)

This fur coat is a vintage gem from ebay. I combed through every possible vintage, thrift, high-brand stores for the perfect fur coat and when I first saw it online, despite the low-res photo and truly sparse detail, I knew I'd finally found it. It's a dusty lavender color and I really like the way it contrasts with my hair.

. . .

Official New York Fashion Week castings began today for me. I'm still a little not well (caught the flu--inevitable for this jetlag body), and not sure how the reception will be. But my heart feels lighter knowing that I know (what others may not). 

And thank you to all those who were so kind to send hearty, thoughtful comments regarding my previous post. I truly do thrive on the love I receive. I will try to update more frequently...and stay tuned, there may even be an announcement of a guest-blog stint in the near future!


Seraphina said...

All the best for NYFW castings and I hope that you get well soon, Soo Joo!! :-)