Hi from London

I arrived in London last Thursday.

Yesterday was my first proper weekend, ever since September, when New York Fashion Week began. It may be a cliche thing to say, but doing the circuit has been one of the most difficult things I have done in my life. Of course, coming from a girl with a proper family who threw away years of academics to model, I can't say I've experienced any extraordinary trials and tribulations...but still. Towards half way through I was already physically and mentally drained. On random occasions, my eyes would tear up from a pileup of a million reasons, then I'd fight it back, thinking I couldn't, 'cos who knows if there'll be an unexpected call from the agency requesting me to a fitting or a casting. It actually did happen once, too. It's rough being on call every minute of your life, and here my mom was hoping maybe I'd become a doctor.

But it's over, at least for now. And here I am in London!!! The weather is a challenge for this Californian but I am hopeful about my monthlong stay here.

And oh, before I left for Milan, I replaced my laptop memory, which means I no longer have my 40something gigs of music. But I will have a mixtape, by the end of this week. Stay tuned!


Seraphina said...

Best of luck!! :)

tuna said...

London weather is probably similar to what NYC weather is now.