Monday, April 19 2010

Rodarte x Maggie Cheung Collection (short film by Wing Shya)

It goes without saying that I love Maggie Cheung. I'm also a big fan of Wing Shya since I first watched In The Mood For Love years ago.
JOYCE is delighted to announce a truly unique charity programme in aid of UNICEF, a collaboration with critically-acclaimed fashion label Rodarte, luxury brand SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and famous actress Maggie Cheung. Rodarte designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have handmade four one-of-a-kind creations specifically for this charitable initiative. Each piece is inspired by Maggie Cheung and references one of her films: In the Mood for Love, Hero, Clean, and Heroic Trio. The four stunning pieces have been captured in a short film by Wing Shya with music by Peter Kam. For every click of the short film on YouTube from now to 31 March 2010, JOYCE will donate HK$1 to UNICEF.
Click play and enjoy the amazing visual while feeling like a humanitarian!