Sunday, June 7 2009

Mystery Train is my favorite Jarmusch film. Usually I find Jarmusch's stuff, while visually and aurally always very cool and hip, to be a bit too slow in pace and circuitous (and I often fall asleep). But I started watching Mystery at midnight and found myself completely absorbed until the end. This one, like the others, has an all star indie cast (including Steve Buschemi, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Joe Strummer) who fit perfectly to each his part.

Of course, my favorite of tripartite is the first, "Far From Yokohama." It follows a young Japanese couple as they travel to Memphis to pay tribute to the likes of Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley. Full of quirky culture-on-culture moments, the duo's dynamic is wonderful, and so is their sartorial splendor—particularly as our current fashion trend revisits the laceups, leathers, minis and/or creepers (wink).