In a way

Language is a funny thing. Isn't it funny we try to express our feelings, worries, vulnerabilities, passions...all of these things...through weird sounds we make using our tongues, through vibrations projected through our vocal chords? Through written language, which just seem to be strokes and dashes and squiggles, different symbols? Isn't it funny that these things wont mean anything or mean something completely different from one country to another when you cross the ocean?

 Learning a language means you're also learning how to associate yourself into that culture. Unless you were raised from infancy knowing this language, it shows intention on your behalf that you want to know and learn about something foreign. Through phrases, adages, idioms, slangs, you familiarize yourself with a certain mentality and sense of culture, and this is a language on its own. It's so fascinating to see...I don't want to be jaded in one mindset or culture, ever. I want to be as open and free as I can possibly be, forever.


fiqahlee88 said...

you precious ones! how nicely put. ah, i wish i could be a better writer like you..