november 16, 2016

I think everyone goes through moments of depression.
The crucial part of this is
When you're able to pull yourself out of it
And what you need to pull yourself out of it
And how drastic the measure is
in which you need to pull yourself out of

I like being alone because I process a lot of thoughts,
Read a lot of books,
Learn many things,
And watch a lot of movies
When I'm alone with nobody else to talk to
But it gets me restless
And sometimes I used to think it was good
That it made me a sensitive soul
But I think maybe I shouldn't be alone
And I am a rational person who usually doesn't like to show these things
To people

Maybe it's good I kept this blog.
Hardly anyone reads it
And I can talk about anything I want without feeling obligated to check for comments, tags, likes,
Those things don't matter
Those things shouldn't have ever mattered
It's just a weird time in the world's time,
I hope it's just a phase


Anonymous said...

I read it.

Anonymous said...

I get restless if I'm constantly surrounded by people
I need space to think
even though thinking too much can make me depressed
and there are times when I get so so lonely
but I still need the solitude

I don't read this blog religiously but I still check it once in a while.
Attention increases the pressure. It's oddly nice when every little thing doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

hi soojoo, im a fan, and i read your blog, ok, bye love your work ha ha

helena said...

I feel calm when alone. Sometimes enjoy loneliness, the one thing that makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

You are so cool!
I thought people would know your blog.
I read it, and you're still awesome!

Kjersten Anderson said...

Sometimes if ur depressed, it's best to be with people, even if u don't feel like it. We all need support. I'm glad u have this blog, I like all of ur thoughts and little snippets of interesting things. I like everything on here.

Anonymous said...

having your cup of coffee, take your warm bath and take a shot or two cigarette.

Anonymous said...

you're my mused.

Anonymous said...

adiba akter said...
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