MARCH 26, 2015.

So much to catch up on!

It's been a joyous year so far. Remember when I wrote that I had a good feeling about 2015? Well my witchy sense was on point, because in January, during couture season in Paris, I was offered an exclusive global spokesmodel contract with L'Oréal Paris. Fast forward to my birthday, March 26, a timely announcement date for a major news!!!

I really, really can't express in words how fortunate and thrilled I am to be chosen to represent beauty and confidence for the #1 Global beauty brand in the world. I know I sound really cheesy, but never in my entire life have I ever thought that I would have this opportunity. Me, some shy, awkward kid that was born in Seoul and found herself struggling to figure out what I wanted with my life in suburban California! Global spokesmodel! Saying "Because we're worth it" like a power mantra! 

There are hundreds of gorgeous, wonderful models--thousands of beautiful, talented women out there--and I'm the lucky duck that gets to have this honor...when I first heard this great news from my agents in Paris, I realized this, and I cried. I walked out of the agency, and on my walk back to my friend's flat, I kept crying. I was supposed to pick up some toilet paper for my friend, and I was crying by myself in some Parisian supermarket aisle looking for toilet paper! Ha!

With this prestigious position, I hope to reach out to help and support. I want to do what I can to make the world I live in a better place. Jees, that's corny. But it really is coming from my heart...and thank every one of you. 

And with that saccharine, sentimental speech is a complementary self-promotion. Hey, take it or leave it, it's my blog. xx