The Past

Photo by Philip Riches. Styled by Becky Baik

Last May I ran into a glass wall while in Dubai for Chanel Cruise. I hurt my nose (sidenote: when you bleed from your face, even a small amount can look like you're emerging out of a horror flick) and sported a black and blue bull face for a couple of weeks...I still have a hint of reddishness on the bridge of my nose. This photo is from October, and it's not terribly noticeable. But you know how your eyes are drawn to your own vulnerabilities and inadequacies.

2014 was a bit rough in the beginning, but shaped up very nicely towards the end. I cut my hair, had only a small amount of trouble with health (noting the aforementioned injury), made some great new friends, worked toward a bigger, brighter future. I do have a feeling 2015 can be much bigger, far more bright. Happy new year.