Directed by Jenna Elizabeth, Art directed by Jakob F. S.,  Styled by Vibe Abelsteen, Makeup by Hung Vanngo,  Hair Deycke Horn,  Body art Anastasia Durasova, Manicure Elena Capo.

"For all her time in the spotlight, Soo Joo Park is not afraid of darkness. A model and photographer by trade, she finds creative inspiration for her work in the most unexpected places—in tales of madness and passion, in “bygone splendor” and on the “brink of intensity.” With this quiet, introspective strength, Park has risen to the top of her game in just two short years, making her film debut in our latest short, “The Impossible Love.” Caught in the throes of Pygmalion desire, Park captivates us with her uncanny ability to look past the pedestrian, beyond the thin veil of everyday life and into the depths of the human experience." Read the Rest of the Interview Here.

I hope you enjoy the film. xx