Just To Put It Out There

I'm just thankful I'm living the life I'd ever dreamed of this year. I may complain, because it really is not as easy or glamorous as it seems, but if I didn't love it I wouldn't be doing it. This is a personal blog, though, so haters can shut the fuck up and take their faceless anti comments elsewhere!


Clara Roman said...

Well I think you're awesome! I love your style.
One day when I'm a famous photographer I hope I can do a photo shoot with you, ha.
Take care and keep enjoying life! Or not, I mean you do whatever you want eh. Ok...bye.

Anonymous said...

Having haters is generally a positive sign for the person being hated -- means you're WHATS GOOD [and you are]. So fuck 'em.

Also, I think you'd like my blog. Just a hunch.

Nia Sonko said...

People hate because they want what they can't have, it's jealousy so don't mind it. I think what you do is amazing and inspiring and you are a great model, keep doing what you love because you are awesome at it!

Leather and Porridge said...

Ha, love it!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your reaction to that stupid comment made on your previous post. Just keep writing if you want to, please, some people may think you're complaining and not liking it (and as said in another comment, you ARE in demand, and even if you weren't, you have the right to complain, everyone has some hard time in life), but most of the people coming here love reading your posts!
Have a very good day ( and congrats for your very good Couture season! :D)

doris said...


I'm a fan. let the haters hate!