Fashion Week Loss Count


1 brand new margiela ring 
Between constantly taking clothes and accessories off during fittings and castings, I have misplaced my brand new ring. It happens...but it was nonetheless irritating.

1 brand new iPhone 5 
During rush hour, I hopped into a cab to be shuttled to a fitting for Zac Posen. It was only a ten-minute walk from where I was, but I was really lazy and exhausted. When the cab driver only drove half way to my destination and refused to cross a major traffic street, I got into an altercation with him, and in the heat of the verbal argument, I left my 4-day-old iPhone 5 in the back seat. I'd even paid for that stupid cab ride. It was powered off when I tried calling.


2 hats 
One was a knitted beanie I left at after a chaotic fashion show. It was purchased from Primark last year so I didn't have an emotional parting.
The other was a wide-brimmed felt hat that I loved and wore often, shown in this post. I wore it going to Tom Ford show, and as I disembarked at Green Park tube station, the train whooshed away, whisking my hat off my head. My hat flew off and landed right in the middle of the train track. It was so fucking dramatic. You should've seen it.


1 fancy mason pearson hairbrush
These hairbrushes are super fancy and what professional hairstylists use. It was my lifesaver (next to the lost iPhone)...I must have taken it with me in a bag when I had a string of shows to try and salvage my hair from being ripped off in the hands of a hair person in a rush. Now they're gone forever.

1 pair of touch-screen gloves 
Left at a casting...that I was turned down from. I realized I left it behind while I was in the car, but I really didn't want to go back.


1 pair of black margiela trousers
I'm not sure how it's even possible to lose TROUSERS. I've been looking for them for the last two days, even cleaned the apartment as a result, to no avail. This item may be the most I'm upset about parting with, because I can never replace it.



Serena said...

Oh god! That's Terrible!! I just wanted to tell you that I recently found your blog and I love reading it!! Love your blond hair btw!

Love from Seoul,