As my once-youthful penchant for traveling and seeing the world has shifted into an integral part of my occupation, I find myself getting weary and at times even dreading the entire experience of not being home, where I can sleep on my own bed, pay for lunch in dollars, and understand everything I hear. But my recent trip to Milan uplifted my broken spirits. These days, it's truly rare to receive a genuine welcome without obsequiousness anywhere (in the case of Seoul or New York, it may be impossible); most places will do what they promised to do, but never will it feel like they actually care about helping you. I never imagined I'd feel so pleasant and light-hearted in Milan, of all places, but from the moment I handed my customs sheet to an officer at the airport, every moment was a true pleasure. The front desk at my hotel was always smiling, and on one early morning when cafes and restaurants were yet to open, they offered me coffee and treats before their breakfast service began. Everyone at my agency greeted me with a big hug and gave me a map with customized post-its pointing to landmarks I should visit on my day off. Marilena, who'd been so kind and gracious in inviting me to Milan, paid a visit during the shoot after work, instead of going to her yoga class. Tomatoes, strawberries, and yogurt I bought at a local supermarket were delicious. The weather was perfect. I was exhausted from jetlag, but couldn't be happier. I feel so lucky to have had this experience and cannot wait for my next trip back...in two weeks.


Korean Model said...

Looking forward to your works. Glad that you enjoy your trip in Milan. :)