Sunday, July 18 2010

“Inner thighs are probably the No. 1 concern in the business,” says Gelband, 36. “Everyone’s always talking about the gap between the girls’ legs.”

If it is not the inner thighs that are under scrutiny, then it’s an inch on the hips or a nearly imperceptible widening of the bottom. One durable industry canard holds that models don’t need to work out. Having scored in the genetic lottery, they can gorge on burgers and shakes and backstage Champagne. The truth — which various trade groups took up two years ago, when several young models dieted themselves to death — is that models starve to break into the business and to stay there. They dose on prescription drugs like Adderall. They use OxyContin as an appetite suppressant. They smoke more heavily than any other group except possibly inmates on death row.

They binge on curious diets, too, like the one that recently helped the model Angela Lindvall shed 20 unwanted pounds. “You cut out all animal products,” Lindvall told me backstage at a fashion benefit for Haiti relief held in the Bryant Park tents in February. “And you only eat broccoli, chard and kale.”

I stumbled across this article in the morning today and thought it was pretty much on point. I work in a very strange industry, no doubt about it. It's not as glamorous as it appears, and it's quite onerous to undergo judgment and rejection daily as a part of your job. But there's a sense of proudness I get from working. I guess knowing that I can fight and withstand these challenges makes me feel stronger.


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