The theme is a little ironic, as it is a magnificent computer graphic animation that weaves highly crafted vignettes in landmark architectural spaces. Transition from one scene to the other is kept consistent by an antique large-format camera's appearance throughout. In a world of megapixels and high-definitions, film and analog forms are outdated (although I still love the aesthetic) and the general population don't really use it anymore. The animation video is the perfect example of this, and to focus on the large-format camera in HD CG is a little bittersweet.

It's a little cheesy in some parts, too, like the water bubbles floating in the air (what is this, the vacuum mezzanine in space?) and cherry blossom petals spiraling from the sky in the wind.

But it couldn't have been more apropos than now, in the introduction to the new decade, the future. When I think about it, this is how I kind of envisioned "the future" to be; more than the Jetsons-ized Space Age stuff, I just somehow imagined the world would have achieved perfect order and aesthetic to the point of sterility. Not in a chilling, disconcerting way like the Brave New World, but in a positive sense.


lulu said...

I watched this too! Pretty incredible that this is all cg.

-c. said...

I know, right? It seriously left me speechless. Was your bf drooling all over it???