Sunday, November 22 2009

I forgot how this album cover always makes me laugh.

My alma mater (UC Berkeley) played the "Big Game" against Stanford today and won, apparently.

me: are you up right now?
it's 3 am
Juney: cpk! just about to pass out
me: wowz
it's 3:17 no?
you had a wild night?
Juney: hope you watcheed the gqame todaqy
me: what's gqame
Juney: yeah
me: -_-
Juney: cpk
me: juneylicious
Juney: the big game!
me: wait
it was today?!
i thought it was tomorrow?
fuck man
Juney: ...
me: i saw on the website as the 22
did we win?
Juney: ...

I thought that the game was tomorrow and had been wondering the entire time of where I could possibly go to watch the Big Game. I suck at life.