Tuesday, August 4 2009

I got an e-mail from my dad today. He's the cutest little Korean man ever (he's actually not little, he's about my height, but...)
I heard you'll be back around 25th or 26th this month.
did you find a way to send your packages?
I believe you're doin' well everytime but i'm wondering
you're slow all the time.
from daddy,
Basically, it's his attempt to coax his daughter to call more often. He's trying to connect with his daughter by embracing the new technology and language of which are very foreign to him, but associable to me. It's really sweet. And effective. He's a devious man, my father.


Anonymous said...

this is so precious.

i am estranged from my father and he would never make this attempt. and neither will i. i hope you appreciate each other. for my sake. for all the abandoned daughter's sake.