About a month ago I watched Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes (Water Drops on Burning Rocks), a very beautiful film by François Ozon, one my favorite French directors. An adaptation of a play written by Fassbinder, it definitely felt like a Fassbinder film with Ozon's touch.

The casting was so perfect--there's the young, pretty redhead boy who falls in love with the the older, slick, and "experienced" bachelor, then his naive, buxom blond ex-girlfriend, and the mysterious, dolefully beautiful M-T-F ex-lover. There were only four characters in the script, and perhaps the minimal cast makes it easier for us to delve into each character's complexities and appreciate the twistedness in their entangled situation.
What I loved about the film was not just the wry humor in the sadness of love/sex/relationship, but the beautiful saturated colors and the composition of each shots. And there were lots of elements which I love, like shaggy fur and window shots (shag is what I'm into right now--look at my previous entry; window shots are the best because they're so psychological).

These stills are just a few of my favorite moments I was able to save.

And a preview with the foursome's unforgettable samba moment: